"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

 When we left the hospital on Friday, July 26th in the evening, Jud's weight was 6 lbs. 2 oz., which we were completely okay with.  We knew babies lost weight after they are born, and we knew it was nothing to worry about.  However, after we got him home he started acting different.  He seemed more fussy and hungry, then I would try to feed him and wouldn't be able to keep him awake.  Then he would be screaming and sad again and we'd start the whole process over.  

I was starting to worry and feel like something was off.  We had a check up appointment Sunday afternoon and I was curious and anxious to ask them some questions and let them know about my concerns.  Jud screamed the entire hour into Billings, I sat in the back with him and was totally unsuccessful in consoling him in any way.  So pretty much we both cried on the way in.  They had us put him on the scale and his weight was 5 lbs. 8 oz.  The Doctor was concerned since it was over the percentage of weight loss they like to see.  We were meeting with the lactation specialist anyway that day so he sent her in to talk with us.  After talking with her for a couple of minutes we told her about some operations I had and the fact that I have PCOS.  She immediately thought those facts played into the babies weight loss.  I wasn't producing enough milk.  She had us get a pump and wanted us to begin supplementing with formula with a syringe for the next 24 hours to see if any differences were made and wanted to see us the next day.

We went in the next day and his weight was up 5 lbs. 12 oz.  We were excited to see it coming up.  Then she had me nurse Jud, and wanted to weigh him again.  His weight was the same, meaning this mom was un-intentionally underfeeding her child.  I felt terrible, but hopeful we'd be able to figure things out.  I really wanted to have the experience of breastfeeding and bonding with my cute baby, like you hear your are supposed to.  We bought a supplemental nursing system to go along with our pump, and I turned into a milk factory.  Except I still wasn't producing even close to what he needed.  We met with the lactation specialists on his week mark, his weight was up 6 lbs. 10 oz., but his diet was mostly formula.  We had to make the decision to stop trying to breastfeed since it was very stressful for him because he wasn't getting enough milk, and was sad and frustrated the entire time, which made me sad and very frustrated.  So I still feel like a milk cow sitting at my pump (my cute mom has nick named me "Bessy"), but we are using a bottle and still using formula.  It was hard for me to come to this conclusion because at first it wasn't even something I thought I would need to worry about it.  But after a priesthood blessing and some prayer I felt at peace once we finally decided to make the change.  I realized I wouldn't be a bad mom if I wasn't able to nurse my cute baby.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jud Austin Jenkins

July 24th was supposed to be like any other Wednesday for us....or so we thought.  

Since our house is not quite finished (it was supposed to be finished by the time Jud was due August 16), we were still living at my parent's house.  They left town for a couple of days because my cute and pregnant sister Emma was graduating from BYU-Idaho with  her associates degree.  Austin woke up and got ready for work, came in like usual said family prayer, gave me a kiss and left for work around 7:00.  I decided to stay in bed a while longer and try to go back to sleep.  As I was laying there I had a sharp pain in my abdomen, and quickly rolled onto my back to re-position myself so i'd be more comfortable.  It was then I realized something was going on.  I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom just as my water broke.  I called Austin, who was luckily only about 10 minutes down the road instead of the 50 minutes he could have been if he had made it all the way into work.  He turned back around while I called my mom and the hospital to make sure my it was my water and not some weird coincidence or something.  

I made Austin take a picture of our count down clock my Grandpa and Denise gave us when they found out we were pregnant.  Mostly because I was a little bit dazed and had to actually ask Austin what the date was and what month we were in.  I knew our baby was due on August 16th, and that the date wasn't the 16th, but from there I was drawing a blank.

We got to the hospital around 9:15, and realized we didn't even know where labor and delivery was.  We had planned on taking a tour of the hospital, but hadn't scheduled it or anything since we had just had our very first weekly appointment.  The lady at the information desk looked at us a little bit funny when we asked, told her thanks, and then headed down the hall.  The lady who was cleaning one of the elevators looked at us weird too.  She asked if I was in labor, I told her, "I think so."  She asked if we wanted to use the elevator she was cleaning, we told her we'd take the next one.  The nurse who helped us once I figured out we were headed to the nursery instead of the labor/delivery side of the maternity ward wanted to know why I was walking and not in a wheel chair.  I told her I was okay, she laughed at us, but took a hold of my arm like I was about to fall over any minute.

Short story even shorter...Jud Austin Jenkins was born 4:26 pm weighing 6lbs 8oz, 19 inches long with dark hair, and pretty much the cutest early package ever. 

 We had a little bit of a hard time getting him to nurse, we were told that "pre-term preemies" (which he qualified for since he came at week 36) have a harder time nursing a lot of the time because they aren't quite strong enough yet.  They had to check his blood sugar before I would feed him to make sure his numbers were high enough and his little heals had a lot of little prick marks on them by the time we left.

I had an outfit all picked out for him to come home from the hospital in.  However, all our baby things were over at our house.  We're lucky we remembered things like toothbrushes.  Nurses and staff would come into our room and ask if we had any blankets or beanies we would like him to use.  I told them I didn't even have a car seat to take him home in yet, let a lone a beanie for him to wear.  Our favorite nurse brought him a little green crocheted beanie to wear.  And luckily Grandma Jo saved the day and bought him a cute little football-hippo outfit and matching jammies to wear. 

 (We couldn't quite get it together for our first family picture)

 Thanks to Kelsee, Tyler, and especially cousin Kent for letting us borrow their car seat until we bought one.  Lucky for us Kent had just grown out of his.

 No blanket for the first ride home....had to use my sweater)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Millie meets Great Grandma and Grandma Tanner

Grandma and Grandpa Tanner got to visit Whitney and Millie at the hospital before they checked out today. Soon after Aaron arrived with their car all packed, and he, Whit, and the baby headed to Afton, Wyoming to their new house.  My mom and dad will take Hallie and Dean there tomorrow.  So, so, so excited for the Vickery family and their new adventure in Wyoming.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green Grandbaby #5 is here....

Whitney and Aaron added to their cute little family.  Their baby girl, Millie was born late last night.  She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz, 20 inches long, and has dark hair.    

Her little face looks so much like Hallie's when she was born.  Hallie is super duper in love, and didn't want to leave the hospital.  

Walls Coming Down....

As soon as we bought the house we knew  we wanted to see if we could take the wall down between the kitchen and living room.  Luckily I have a handy husband and it just so happens we have an electrical engineer and construction guru in our Branch.  After making sure the wall wasn't a weight bearing wall we wasted no time.  Brother Jensen came over and helped Austin remove all the electrical from the walls and down they came.  We are super excited with how open the room feels now.  



We are planning on building a kitchen island and bar in the middle.  The main goal is to have everything ready before the baby comes. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My "baby" Sis is having a baby too

A couple days after I found I was pregnant my mom asked me if I was going to tell Emma.  I told her we were going to tell everyone.  She said, "You should call Emma...right now."  In my head I wondered if she was pregnant too.  I called her and could tell she was hesitant.  I kept asking her "what's up?" and "what's going on?"  Finally she told me she was pregnant.  I said, "Awesome....me too."  We were both so excited. Then we figured out our due dates were only  two weeks apart.  Even better!  I found this fun idea here and knew I wanted to try making one, and why not make one for my cute sis too.  I made ours a little bit different, instead of using a stencil and fabric paint I decided to use iron on transfer paper.  But they turned out fun. 

 I tried to get us both the same color shirt, but Motherhood didn't have two of the same color and size for some reason.  So I decided to play a little trick on Em.  Her least favorite color is purple.  I would give her the purple one as a joke.  But for some reason she picked it.  She said, "It'll be good for me."  

Emma 12 weeks - Me 14 weeks
Once upon a time I was taller than her....

Listing pictures

These are some of the listing pictures the Realtor sent me.  They were taken back when the house was first listed last fall.  I can assure you the house was cleaned up for these pictures.  

Front Yard View

 Spiffy Front Door
 Living Room
 Living Room