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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Craigslist....

Dear So-in-so,
I posted an ad on craigslist stating I was offering piano lessons.....that was it.  Please stop sending me the same message over and over.  I am not going to tutor your 16 year old son, when he is here on vacation from the UK.  And, no I wont be sending you any of my personal information so you can pay me ahead of time.  It is very clever to send the exact same email, from 13 or so different email addresses, I didn't respond the first time for a reason. I'm on to you.

Thanks.....but no thanks!

Disgruntled Piano Teacher

P.S.  I miss ksl.com


Angela said...

Annoying! Man I wish you were closer to us. I don't want to teach my own kids piano, I would love you to be their teacher!

Irene said...

That is funny! Too bad that's the only interest you've had. Unless you do have others. ???