"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Even though there is no evidence of our official move from Colorado last May, we did in fact actually move. It was actually quite eventful.  We loved, Loved, LOVED the Cherrywood ward in Thornton and we super sad to leave!  There were so many great people and friends we made.  The young men came over and helped load up the Uhaul and several ladies came to the house and helped me dust down everything, clean windows, wipe out cupboards, and vacuum.

Our goal (and really it was pretty realistic) was to leave in the morning make the 8 hour drive and arrive that evening.  Austin was driving the Uhaul, and towing the jeep while I followed in the car.  Just after leaving Casper, Wyoming I saw smoke coming from the Uhaul and Austin began to swerve.  After avoiding a collision with a semi truck he pulled over and I followed.  He quickly looked under the hood and determined that the power steering fluid had leaked out and that for some reason the power steering was attached to the brakes, one of the reasons for all the swerving.  The brakes weren't working.  We turned on our hazard lights and called customer service at Uhaul to let them know we had a problem and our location.  Then we hiked up the hill by the freeway to sit and wait.  Longer story shorter, over the next 4 hours we made multiple calls to Uhaul's customer service and were continually told a truck was on it's way.  Interestingly enough we were just close enough to Casper (maybe 10 miles) and could actually see the city.  I lost my cool about an hour into the wait, which is unusual, especially in this situation.  But Austin kept calming me down.  Finally we were told a gain that a tow truck was on it's way.  They pulled up, and started laughing.  Uhaul had forgot to tell them that we had a trailer with a vehicle on it behind the Uhaul and they were going to need a bigger wrecker.  At this point the repair shop was now closed and we wouldn't be able to get things fixed until the morning.

After several attempts to find a decent hotel in Casper, we found a room at a less desirable hotel and ordered a pizza.  The only positive note was that we stumbled on Duck Dynasty while channel surfing.  Bless those rednecks hearts for lifting our spirits a little bit.

The next day we were on our way again and made it just in time for my cute parents to help us empty the Uhaul into a storage unit and send them on their way to Utah.  They were supposed to be able to leave early that morning, but wanted to see us before they left.

Since being in Montana we have forwarded our mail three different times.  At this point we are really grateful to have family here, since twice the address has been back to "mom and dad's" house.  It has been a little bit crazy, but fun at the same time.


Megan J. Dawson said...

Sounds like crazy stuff! I am glad you updated your blog

Jennica said...

Welcome back to blogger! I love to hear what is going on.