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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Day of School....

Circus Days

The last couple of the days of the school year are always bittersweet. But all our kiddos from both classes, (25 Monday/Wednesday/Friday and 17 Tuesday/Thursday). The last day of the school is Circus Day and we all get to dress up and have a carnival. So since we have 2 classes we got to dress up two days in a row. It was so much fun. I am going to miss all the kids from my classes and all of the other teachers who quickly became my friends.

Austin stopped in on my lunch break and took this picture of "the lunch bunch" just as we were getting ready to go to Costa Vida. The quality isn't great, but these ladies are fabulous!

We really did go to lunch dressed like clowns. Anneliese wanted to make sure we all drove in the same car so it would look like we were getting out of a clown car. It totally worked. A little girl standing outside the restaurant saw us and her eyes lit up. She got all excited and was freaking out a little. Jodie started talking to her and I totally thought Jodie knew who she was. Later I found out Jodie had no idea who she was, but was just totally being super nice, very Jodie like.
Day #1 with one of my favorite little boys, who just happened to not even be in my class.
Day #2

I am going to miss Challenger School.


April said...

I'm sure they will miss you too! With all of your cute posts it sounds like you were a fun teacher.

Jeremy & Whitney said...

Shawnee, You are so gorgeous! I miss you!

Jordan said...

Cute pics Shawn!!!