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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Black Eye.....Be careful what you wish for.

The funny thing is growing up I always wanted a black eye for some bizarre reason. I even remember walking hard into the corner of the wall once trying to give myself one (I no longer participate in self-destructive behavior).

You gotta love indoor soccer right? I got this black eye and a bruised rib from a 40 year old Sunday School teacher/Goalie from Hooper. I was following the ball up and he picked up the ball and managed to elbow me in the ribs and follow up with my face. It looked so bad the next day the ladies at Parsons sent me from work to the doctor's office as soon as they saw me. Basically my eye was so swollen I couldn't see. I have the day after pictures somewhere. I'll have to add them someday.

The time line is dedicated to my cute dad. He wanted me to take pictures so we could see the entire thing start to finish. He even had me email some of the pictures to him at work so he could show people....Ahh the proud moments of a father.

Steve took this picture a couple of ours after. I was thinking no big deal a little ice and Ibuprofen ...take the swelling down and I'd be good to go right?
A couple of hours later the swelling was getting a little out of control. So I decided I would have to sleep with ice on my face. I found a bandana and tied a frozen baggie to my face and went to sleep expecting things to look better in the morning.
This was the outcome.....apparently an overnight icing took little effect. This is what I looked like at work the next morning. When one of the ladies saw me they told me I was excused until I saw a doctor. I called my dad and he met me close to work and called my mom to meet us at the doctors office. He took these pictures before we went inside.

The swelling coming down a little bit.
It was really interesting how the blood distributed on the inside corner of my eye and the outside corner of my eyelid. But at least the swelling was coming down.
The variety of colors was pretty great.
My mom was nervous I'd have a black eye for Jordie and Steve's wedding. This picture was taken at her last dress fitting. Luckily it cleared up just in time.These pictures are towards the end...I can now say it's not the funnest thing to have a monstrous black eye.....be careful what you wish for!


Kelli said...

You have been busy posting...I love all the pictures. I had no idea about the black eye, that's a bad one. I remember for April Fool's one year my parents gave me a black eye (with make-up) I thought it was so cool.

Matt and Jess said...

That's an awesome black eye! I've always wanted one too, but no luck. I even got hit with a wooden boat oar in my face. No black eye, just disappointment.

Sierra said...

Was it Russ?! Ha ha