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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2008

This post is definitely a little bit late. However I had to work this last Halloween and didn't get out to the Jenkins' house until after all the grandkids had left to trick or treat so I didn't get any pictures. Most were pretty much done being dressed up by the time they got back. So here are some pictures from last year.....

Jordie brought Lily to Staker & Parsons to trick or treat. Pardon my face.....I'm pretty sure I was saying, "Cheese." And apparently I decided not to put any mascara on that day...Oh well.

Erik, Kelli, Hannah, Cameron & Kate

Kennedy, Kade, Reagan, James & Kaycee

Matt, Irene, Owen & Olivia

Griffin & Breann

Check out the wig Cam had on and the goatee. Love it!

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