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Saturday, November 13, 2010

How do the girls handle hunting season?

Austin went hunting last month. I will admit when he leaves is usually when I will do a little shopping. He thinks it's just because he is out of town, but I tell him it is because I am at home by myself and have to find something to do.....

Anyways, he headed to the Greys River in Wyoming to go hunting with my dad, Emma and Jason Bradford and his daughter Maddie.

Conveniently, Whit and Aaron live in Alpine right where the Greys river meets up with the Snake. He left on a Wednesday afternoon and was coming home the following Monday. So, I decided to head there after work on Friday and spend the weekend. It didn't dawn on me until the night before he left I most likely wouldn't see him since they were 50 miles down the river. However, it was a fun weekend with 2 of my sisters since Jordie and Steve needed to come up and get some firewood for the winter.

I did however injure two of the three kiddos. Saturday morning I was chasing Deacon around the house and one of the times he turned to run away from me he turned and ran straight into the corner of the wall. He had a perfect line/bruise right above his eyebrow. It just looked like a vein though and was no big deal. Then on Sunday before I was getting ready to leave I was hiding under a blanket crawling around chasing Deac. Hallie decided she wanted to play with us and I could hear her coming. I turned around quickly to chase her and smacked heads with her hard enough it hurt my head. She had a golf ball sized goose egg on her forehead and wouldn't let me hold her or get close to her for like a half hour. I felt so bad, way to go aunt Shawnee.

Jordie took some pictures of the cute Vickery family.
And even though I was nervous about it I took some pictures for the Sessions. Whit and Aaron had a meeting so Hallie was with us too. She was so good. I would sit her down and tell her she needed to stay there, pop a chocolate chip in her mouth and she never moved. After a while she would just ask for more, "chocack".

The Deacster is definitely hard to photograph though. When he was smiling he wasn't looking at the camera, and most of the time he was just trying to throw rocks in the river.
Sunday morning Emma did drive out to hang out with us and to take a shower. I almost started crying when I saw the truck drive up thinking they had all come to Whit's for the day and that Austin was there. Then I saw that Emma was the only one in the truck and then was really ready to bawl because he wasn't there.

Emmy got to hang out with the kiddos for a little bit.
Meanwhile I headed home that evening without ever seeing my cute hubby.
Side note: I did get pulled over on my way home. I haven't been pulled over since we were dating. I can't believe how nervous I got when the officer was standing there. Before this time I never have been upset until after they give me the ticket and I drive away. However, this time my hands were actually shaking so much I dropped my insurance card. He asked why I was going so fast and I told him my husband was hunting and I wanted to get home before it was too late since I was all by myself. When he came back to the car without a ticket and just told me to slow down I was so grateful I almost started crying. I have actually never driven away with just a warning before.

If only mom and the cute Hanson couple could have been there it would have been the Green family reunion round 2.
Aren't they funny though.....who adds ducks to a family picture. Can't wait to see everybody for Thanksgiving.

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Sierra said...

Love the family picture with the chicken and the duck :-) Ha ha