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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Reception.....Lomond View Gardens

We had our reception at Lomond View Gardens in Pleasant View. It was such a nice place to have a reception and we finally got to stand in some shade after being out in the sun all day with pictures and everything at the temple.

Marrying into the Jenkins' family made me an insta-aunt, I was so excited. One of the very first things that impressed me about Austin on our first date was that he went through his nieces and nephews and told me how old each one was.

Maybe in this picture Becky and I should have traded places. Then we would have been in descending order height wise.

We had to add both of these pictures because when the photographer asked my parents to switch sides my dad asked if she wanted him to put his hand on Austin's arm like he had in the first picture with me. Anyone who knows my dad well will not be surprised.

All of our grandparents are so amazing! They all teach us different things and are such great examples. We love each and everyone of them!

Grammy Davis

Grandma & Grandma Tanner

Grandpa and Grandma Green

At the time the Green family was considerably smaller than the Jenkins family.

One of these things is not like the other.....
Can you tell what is different in these two pictures?

Erik and Kelli couldn't believe Hannah stuck her tongue out like that for the picture, but Austin and I thought it was hilarious and it's one of our favorite pictures. I still laugh out loud when I look at it.

We loved having our reception at Lomond View Gardens. It was especially nice since it was such a hot day, they have such big trees and there was plenty of shade.

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Scott and Becky said...

I never get tired of looking at these pictures. And wow how young the children look! It's amazing how 2 years changes them.