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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wild Kingdom....?

So either I'm a little bit of a duck nerd or I have way too much time on my hands. Outside our bedroom window we have a small stream and pond. About one month ago I spotted a pair of ducks in our little pond. I was so excited I had to tell Austin as soon as he got home from work. I really wanted to have little ducklings swimming around, and was super bummed when I didn't see the ducks the next day and then spotted a bunch swimming around in the stream across the street. Austin has been constantly teasing me about "our" ducks and the fact that they left us for better water.

I have since spotted them a couple of times but tried not to get my hopes up (I say them like I can recognize them...however any mallard and hen would fit the description, but don't bash my dreams).

Today I cracked the blinds in our room to let some light in and to my surprise there was a pair of ducks sleeping on the grass next to the pond. I ran to grab my camera to prove to Austin that they were back. When I opened the blinds up all the way they woke up and started moving around. Then to my surprise the hen took off across the grass just as another mallard flew down and landed in the pond. Then I was all nervous like the two mallards were going to battle to the death over the hen. They all headed up the bank across the grass and the new mallard started going after the hen. I had my camera posed and was like," Here we go..." in my head ready for the male ego showdown duck-style.....However all three ducks flew away and my hopes of feathered drama were dashed. Then I realized there was a lady on the sidewalk outside walking her dog....except she wasn't walking and was just standing there looking my direction. I don't know if she was watching the ducks or watching me obsessively taking pictures of the ducks through the window. I'm hoping the ducks.

Writing the story makes me think I may have been to excited today about having baby ducks in our pond....but I really want to watch them grow up right outside my window.

(the pictures are not great since I took them through the window and the screen)

In comes the challenger.

Even if my story isn't how the whole deal was playing out I'd like to pretend I witnessed a little duck soap opera. Thinking of a title....Ducks of our Lives or All my Ducklings. All three ducks flew away....I'm still hoping for some little ducklings in our pond. Crossing my fingers.

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