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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Called to Serve.....(in the 80s)

While at my parent's house over the fourth of July I found some pictures I hadn't seen in quite a while. I thought these couple I found were definitely worth talking about.

The picture below is of my uncle Rick (mom's older brother-striped tie), uncle Kenny (mom's younger brother-red tie) and my dad. Notice they all are dressed up and all have their badges on.....
YES this picture was taken in the MTC,
NO they did not all serve their missions' at the same time.

Rick is a year younger than my dad, my mom is a year younger than Rick, and Ken is a year younger than my mom. Useless trivia? You decide, but it helps the story along.

So after my parents and Rick and Sheri were married Ken was called to serve in the Paris, France mission. While he was in the MTC Rick and my dad decided they would pay him a visit. They put on their suits and their missionary badges......and walked right into the MTC. No one tried to stop them or anything.....they must have looked like Elders coming back from the temple or something. Anyways, they found Ken in the cafeteria with his companion and sat down. My dad said Ken's reaction was priceless....and also said that Ken's companion was a nervous wreck the entire time they were there.

They hung out for a little while and then walked back out the front doors.

I'm not telling this story because I think it should be replicated or that I'm condoning anyone visiting the MTC of their own accord.....I just think it's awesome. But I also would advise no one to try this in the future. Plus, it is one of those things that was only cool the first time.

All the guys pointing to their missions:
Rick-Kentucky (a foreign mission for sure if you get into the back woods)
Ken-Paris, France
Dad-Geneva Switzerland
The Church is definitely True!

P.S. I must also add that I think at least Rick and Ken's boys look A LOT like them. I think Cole looks a ton like Rick, and Benson and Shaw look so much like Ken it's crazy.....I guess not super crazy seeing how they are closely related.


Kristie McConnon said...

Wow, these are great pictures! Nice work Shawnee! I'm going to have to ask my dad about that story. lol That's hilarious!

. said...

That is so funny, I love your dad!