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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Imagine my surprise....."Wildfire in Eagle foothills destroys homes, hundreds evacuated"

This morning I woke up surprised to see rain with a little bit of a thunderstorm going on. I love a good thunderstorm though, and thought nothing of it. Later on in the afternoon I looked out our kitchen sliding glass door and was super surprised to see a lot of smoke. I went outside on the porch and could immediately smell the smoke. It looked like it was coming from the north east and I figured a brush fire had started up in the mountains or something, and went about my day.
When Austin got home from work I asked him if he had heard about a fire. He told me he had, and that was really the end of our conversation. Later on we went to the gym. I was watching the ten o'clock news says there was a major fire.....it was in eagle.....then they showed this map....I about fell of the treadmill.
My aunt Mari and uncle Kenny live in the evacuation area. Their house is on Linder about three quarters up from Beacon Light. I was freaking out, they were right in the middle of the evacuation zone. I hurried to find Austin and then asked him how much longer he was planning on staying. I really wanted to go home and call Mari. I knew they were okay since everyone who had been evacuated to the High School had gone home.....but I still wanted to talk to someone. As soon as we got home I called her. She told me that they had seen the fire come up over the hill behind their house and that they actually hadn't left because they wouldn't have been able to get back in....once you left you left until the fire department said you could go back. They just watched it really carefully, but felt pretty safe.
I am so glad they are safe, and so embarrassed and baffled I didn't even think to turn the news on earlier in the day to see where the fire was. The total acreage the fire covered was a little over 4,800. It burned three homes and a barn to the ground, but no one was injured including everyone's horses and livestock.

The house below is a couple hundred yard's from Ken and Mari's house. The fire burned everything around it. This was the case for a lot of homes.
Mari told me that around one o'clock this afternoon two of these helicopters were coming to their backyard to get water from their ponds.....and by seven o'clock there were three helicopters.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost their homes, but also so grateful no homeowners or firefighters were hurt.


Clayton Natalie Kynlee said...

Oh my scary! I hope everything is ok!

Matt and Jess said...

Fires are so scary! I'm so glad that you guys and your family is okay too!