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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Sunday, July 18, 2010

(Double) What the........?

All right so I was driving down the freeway and was surprised to see a motorcycle in front of me. Not because it was a motorcycle but because I couldn't tell what kind of shirt the man had on. It was very skin colorish. The closer I got the more surprised I became.
......because the man didn't have a shirt on. Also, the man was only wearing small short shorts. I couldn't believe someone was riding 80 miles per hour down the freeway only in tennis shoes, helmet, and short gym shorts.
At least he had a helmet on......right?


Irene said...

That is hillarious!!! He's in for surprise if he wrecks! OUCH...

Matt and Jess said...

I would not want to be the doctor that has to fix him up if he wrecks. Don't you think the bugs would sting if they hit you?

Rachel said...

oh my, haha, you see the most hillarious things when you are driving!! so funny! some people, I always wonder what goes thru their heads when they attempt things like this...

Kelli said...

Remeber where you live though...Idaho. Ha Ha just kidding, too funny. Can't wait to see you guys this weeked!!

Angela said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious! I love how you guys have these great pictures of strange drivers. :)

. said...

So Dean drove a motorcycle to my moms last week while i was staying there. He pulled in the drive way...
Dean - Hun I got here for a $1.50
me - does your butt hurt
Dean - yes
me - were you hot
Dean - yes
Me - did you get sunburnt
Dean - Yes
Me - Did you feel cool
Dean - Surprisingly!
Dean did have on clothes but no helmet. Apparently motorcycles are so cool you don't have to wear clothes or helmets.