"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

22 days 'til another Montana Christmas

It's time to head to Montana for Christmas again. It's going to be so much more fun this time with the new additions of Tyler, Deacon and Hallie. Also, we just found out Aaron's brother Curtis might also be coming. My parents cabin will be at full capacity for sure. But it will be awesome. Austin and I are going to head up early since we will be moving to Boise the week after Christmas. I am so excited for the 22nd. The drive will be long, but hopefully we can have great driving weather and maybe a good book on CD or something. Last time I suggested a book on CD Austin wanted to know why we couldn't just talk. So we didn't take one, however 8 hours is a long conversation and I ended up reading a book anyways. Waiting for the "okay" to open presents. Ever since I can remember we've had to sit on the stairs, drink a glass of juice and wait until we got the okay from Mom and Dad....apparently it's no different when everyone is old and married. And apparently I take less time getting ready on Christmas morning now that I am married.....scary I should have sat at the top.

Aaron teaching Steve how to play the guitar he got Jordie for Christmas. Two years later I think she can play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Love you Jord!
Reuben.....the adorable giant dog you love and hate at the same time.

Get some skiing in.....sorry Kelsee and Tyler we wont be snowboarding, but we will go skiing.....still love ya!

It will be so much fun just to sit and hang out together again.


kelseehanson said...

Its going to get real cozy on the stairs as the years go on!!

Irene said...

Oh, I love how much fun that looks. You have such a great family. We'll miss you this year!

Sierra said...

Traditions are so much fun! I love the stairs picture :-)

Matt and Jen said...

That looks so fun. I love how you are still all together on Christmas morning.