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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Allied Waste & Idaho.....the final countdown.

A couple of weeks ago we traveled up to Boise to find a place to live. We had a list of apartments and felt like we were all ready to search it out. Luckily I have awesome aunts and uncles who had already scoped things out for us. My aunt Mari sent us a couple of places to look at, one was a great little condo in Eagle just north of Boise. After we looked there we went to what seemed like apartment after apartment.....we kept comparing them to the condo and nothing really seemed to work out like the condo deal. So our new home will be in Eagle, Idaho. On our way back to Plain City I had Austin go to the condo and then pretend like he'd be driving to work so we would know how long it would take. It's only eight miles....which will be a much shorter commute than either of us have had in a long time (driving to Salt Lake gets old real fast!).

Allied Waste in Boise, Idaho

The office

All the trucks

This picture didn't turn out great....but I tried three times.

Thanks to Ken & Mari and Rick & Sherri for letting us stay with you, for the amazing food, fun games and great conversation while we were up there. We had a blast with you guys and are so excited.....hopefully you wont get sick of us anytime soon.


Scott and Becky said...

I can't even think about how much I will miss you both! But, I realize that adventures lie ahead...so good luck to you both!

Angela said...

I know my parents had a blast having you guys visit, they're pretty excited to have you in Eagle. I'm excited because hopefully it means we'll see a lot more of each other! :)

Matt and Jess said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! That's so neat that you get to move on to the next phase of your lives and Austin has a career now! Good luck up in Idaho, I hope we get to see you guys sometime!

Steve and Jordan said...

Love the new pictures! Now you need to post your new apartment!