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Friday, July 8, 2011

LotoJa 2010

Last year (October 2010) Austin and I drove to Utah. Austin was going to be the support crew for his brother Erik while he road in the LotoJa race. Kelli was a couple weeks away from delivering Avery, so I rode along with her while her parents, Chad and Cindy followed along behind us. It was fun to watch Erik and all the other bikers. I tip my hat to anyone willing to attempt such a feat.

Before we left that morning I hurried up to Eden to visit with Jordie and Deacon for about a half hour or so.
We left Ogden around 9:30 and were calling Austin all morning. He was giving us updates and letting us know where Erik was at. We couldn't believe how fast Erik was riding. We kept missing him at all the checkpoints.

Kelli may in fact be the only person who can truly appreciate these pictures. I took them because I was in such desperate need of a restroom. Traffic was at a dead standstill for a very, very long time, and it actually took us several hours to get to a gas station. I was really bothered these men could relieve themselves when I couldn't. This was their punishment. Yes, I took pictures to spite these guys I don't even know. Oh, well.
King of the Hill
After a while all the kids were a little bit stir crazy and ready to get out of the car. Cameron took the following pictures with my camera. It seemed to help his boredom, at least for a while.
He took at least 20 pictures.
We finally caught up to Erik a couple miles outside of Alpine, Wyoming.
The kids were super excited to be able to get out of the car and see their dad!
Giving the kids a hug before taking off up the canyon...
After Erik left I jumped in the car with Austin to run over to my sister's house. My dad and grandpa had been hunting up the Greys River and were heading home. We visited with them for about a half hour and then jumped back in the car toward Jackson.
We caught up to him about a couple of miles out from the finish line. Austin was getting anxious about missing the finish, so when we got to the finish line I let him out and went to park the car so he could run down and watch Erik finish.
All in all it was a super fun trip. Thanks Erik and Kelli for letting us tag along with you.

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