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Friday, June 18, 2010

4th of July - 2009

I decided I needed to document last year's 4th of July weekend before this year's came and went.
Last year we found out Whitney and Aaron would be going up to Montana over the 4th of July weekend. Aaron was going to be putting up a windmill at my parent's house. We decided I could go up with them. Austin couldn't get more time off work, and was going to stay at his parent's house and spend it in Plain City.

It ended up being a very fun weekend, but I wish Austin and I could have spent it together. I didn't end up taking very many pictures but they few I have turned out fun.
Every year there is a huge 3 day rodeo in Red Lodge called the Home of Champions Rodeo. After reading about it it is called that because a lot of people who have been NFR champions were raised in or are from the Red Lodge area. Along with the 3 day rodeo there is also a parade each morning. It gets bigger each day and there are more and more floats. It was so much fun. My mom and I went into town each morning to watch since Emma was also in the parade. I was so surprised by the final parade. I don't think I have ever sat at a parade as long. It was very fun.
Hallie and Dad waiting to see Emma

Our amazing flag

I was so surprised the Budweiser horses would make an appearance in such a small town. However I was told they are there every year.....and they were also there all 3 days of the parade. It was very cool since we had just seen them at Sea World a couple of months earlier with the Jenkins' Family.

I loved this guy....he followed the Budweiser caravan with his ponies and Bud Light.
I was able to go to the rodeo all three nights and watch Emma and all the flag girls. It was super fun to watch her. Rain and all the other horses were a little bit jittery the first night when the announcer would talk in the loud speakers or the crowd would cheer, but after that they all did really well. I love watching Emma and her horses....maybe I'm trying to live vicariously through her. It was so much fun. The airport runway is right behind the grandstands. There are three big rodeos within a couple hours dirve of each other in Red Logde, Montana; Livingston, Montana; and Cody, Wyoming. The cowboys work deals out with each other and use each others horses, saddles, etc. and travel to all the rodeos by plane so they can make as much money as possible. We would watch small planes come and cowboys would jump out and hurry over to their event, then jump back in planes and fly on to the next rodeo.

The girls had black bands on their arm for a young boy named Cole. He had participated in 4-H with all the girls and had died tragically in a accidnet involving his horse the week before. One of the nights they dedicated the rodeo to him. It was very moving.

It was very fun to spend the 4th of July in Montana, but I don't think Austin and I will ever spend it apart on purpose. Kind of lame to not be with your best friend on such a fun holiday.

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