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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Arrival....

At 6:00 this morning this pretty lady......
....delivered the 3rd Green Grandbaby. So far a nameless boy, weighing in at 8lbs. 2oz., 19 inches long, head 14 inches. I only add the head because it seems big.

Congrats Whit, Aaron and Hallie we are so excited for you guys and to meet the new little stud muffin. I even talked to Hallie on the phone for about 10 minutes because my mom couldn't get the phone away from her. Among the usual 18 month gibberish I heard her say, "Daddy", "Shawnee", "Nacho" (from Nacho Libre), and last but not least, "Brother" pronounced, "Brudder".

Also......yesterday afternoon Matt & Jen had their little Corbin. As well Kristie & Tom had little Lilah last night. Congrats to everyone! We are excited to meet all these tiny new people.

It's been like a lifetime original movie marathon weekend.

Next Arrival: October 31st.....baby Jenkins, making the Jenkins grand kid count 14!
Upping the girl to boy ratio.
Girls: 9 Boys: 5
(not our baby Jenkins, Erik and Kelli baby Jenkins, I didn't want any family from my side to get confused or pre-maturely excited.)

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Sierra said...

So happy! Babies are so much fun :-)