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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bulletin Boards

In my new classroom three new bulletin boards had to be put up. I volunteered to take one on. My first idea was a big circus tent. We had some zoo/circus animal art from the previous year to decorate the tent with.

My beginning idea.....
Bulletin boards are a big deal at Challenger. All the paper is painted so it looks brighter. Also the color doesn't fade and lasts a lot longer. I was so surprised how much better everything looked. I think it was worth the extra work.
For our "Best Work" bulletin board in the hall outside our classroom my co-teacher Roxy had the idea "A League of Their Own". This idea morphed into a soccer field with the title "Most Valuable Player". I went to Lowe's to see how much outdoor carpet costs. I was just going to price it out and see, but then the guy helping me told me he had a scrap piece that had been returned. He sold me the scrap for $5.60, and it ended up being exactly enough. We stapled it up, and I painted the lines on the field.

Roxy had the idea to have some 3D goals. I asked my hottie husband to help us with the goals. He got super official and wanted to know the measurements of the board so he could make the goals to scale. Then we went to hobby lobby to buy some wooden dowels. Austin began whittling away. I was super impressed with how detailed the goals were.
What a hottie!
The almost finished goals.
The finished product. All the ladies at work were super impressed my husband was willing to help out with a bulletin board. One even asked if he would make her son a set of goals.
Forest of Knowledge.....this bulletin was a last minute. We had to hurry and throw it together, but it turned out okay. Especially since we'll be learning about forest animals in a month or two.
I do know that the word forest only has one 'r'. My co-teacher and I were both embarrassed neither of us caught that forest had been spelled like the name Forrest......we have since fixed it.


Clayton Natalie Kynlee said...

Oh my gosh those turned out sooo cute!

Megan J. Dawson said...

Wow, those are some well thought out, nice bulletin boards. That cracked me up about the R in Forest.
p.s. Brent said he was going to call her soon, he's just been busy with school starting and his new job. But he definitely wants to go out with her :)

Fox said...

Those are awesome. I hope you love your job. It looks like they should love you.

Colby and Cayley said...

You are so talented!! Do you want to come over to my classroom and do my bullentin boards? I have to admit that is one thing about teaching that I really don't quite have a knack for. I would pay big bucks to have someone come and set my room up all cute :)

Irene said...

SO great! Good job and you had some great help!