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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Only at Walmart.....

So I am not just a little bit embarrassed, I am super embarrassed I took a picture of someone at Walmart......but I just couldn't pass up the chance. As Austin and I were heading up to the check out stand we walked right by this fellow shopper. Austin checked out while nonchalantly I looped back around into the produce section.

She was husking her corn and putting it in bags.
Austin and I were totally cracking up. On our way out I immediately called my dad. I knew he would appreciate our experience.
Maybe this isn't as big of a deal or as funny as we made it......oh well, what do you do?


candeeandkevin said...

I know you dont know me... I fell into your blog from natalie green. :)

Anyway I live in Wisconsin, and here at the Walmarts, they put garbage cans next to the corn. Its almost expected for you to husk your corn in the store... and everyone does it!

It took a long time to get used too, and I still find it funny...(I still take mine home and husk it there)

So any who.... she was probably out of town and thought nothing of it!

Have a good day!

Candee Gumm

Fox said...

I don't blame that women, I would have been right there with her. I think that hair stuff is so nasty, I think she is smart to leave it at the store... and having no shame... well thats just admirable.