"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back from Alpine...

We decided to head to Alpine using the back roads. I was really excited when I saw a sign that said Carey was ahead. My grandma Tanner grew up in Carey, Idaho and I had been there years ago when I was in Jr. High, but didn't really know we would be passing through it. So I had to take a picture of the Carey sign. Love you grandma!
Satuday afternoon we drove into Jackson to have a late lunch and hang out. We decided to eat at Sidewinders. While we were waiting for our food I decided to take some pictures of Hallie. I said, "Hallie say cheese." and she really did start cheesin' it. Whitney was so surprised and said she had never acted like that before. It was so fun to get such cute pictures from such a cute little girl.
Whitney and Aaron. She looks so good and is an amazing mom. We are so excited for new baby Vickery to arrive in June!
Austin and Me. I am so grateful to have such a studly husband who takes such good care of me.
Austin and Hallie
Checking out some elk on the way back from Jackson.
Playing the harmonica Saturday evening before bath time.
On Saturday night Austin really wanted to watch the BYU game. Hallie is very familiar with the computer since she talks to grandparents and family members on skype all the time. Aust and Hallie had a little conflict on who was in charge of the computer. She was getting frustrated a little because he kept blocking her from being able to sit right in front and touch everything.
I love this picture because it reminds me of being a little girl. When the girls and I were small my dad used to brush our hair after we got out of the bath. He would do it in about ten seconds. Basically just brush our hair straight back. So when Hallie was done with her bath Whit said, "Lets brush it back like grandpa green would."
Saturday night after a bath.
Reading with uncle Austin.
Hallie playing the harmonica for us Sunday afternoon.

Waving Bye.

Thanks Whit and Aaron. We had an awesome time, and cant wait to see you guys again soon.


Chelsie said...

she is getting so big. so cute i love it. whit does look great. i'm excited to see their new little one..does she know what she is having yet

Shannon said...

Your niece is so,so darling! I love her little smile. I am glad you guys got to visit with family. It sounded like fun.

Sierra said...

I can't believe she is having another one! Tell her congrats for me :-)

Steve and Jordan said...

So sad to wave good bye! Those are such cute pictures of Hallie while you guys were eating! She is so cute. I am jealous of your pictures it's hard to get babies to smile at you, I notice those weird things now!