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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bear Lake Half Marathon & Powder Mountain Hill Climb....June 12, 2010

We headed down to Utah the weekend of June 11th. We were able to got to dinner with some friends at Maddox. It was super fun, always good conversation and plenty of laughs.

Most of Austin's family was up in Bear Lake at the Cabin. Jolene and Erik were running the half marathon. I had to steel these pictures from Kelli and Becky's blog since we weren't able to go up. But we were all super impressed and they did really well, despite the cold rainy weather.
Erik with his kids
Since we were staying with Jordie and Steve it was so fun to walk down their driveway and watch Steve race in the Powder Mountain Hill Climb. He also raced it in 2009. We watched him start last year, from the driveway. The only difference was that we were living in my parent's house instead of Jordan and Steve. It was a super cold morning......especially for June.
Austin drove us up the mountain because Jordie was going to run the last mile of the hill. She was training for the RADNAR the next week. Once we got to the top Austin and I took Deacon into the lodge because it was so windy and cold (plus Austin found a world cup game on the TV). Once we went back outside we had to layer deacon in one of Steve's t-shirts and an adult sized jacket zipped over everything. He looked like ET walking around.

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