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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Drive In....

Pretty much from the moment I arrived in Roberts, Montana Emma was talking to me about the drive in. She brought it up a couple of times. So Saturday night we decided to head to the drive in to see Eclipse (much to Tyler's dismay). Austin was surprisingly okay with seeing it. He all of a sudden seemed to become a Jacob fan. Man crush? Not sure. But it cracks me up none the less.

When we pulled into our spot I looked over and saw this truck. It made me laugh so I took a picture. What a crappy thing to have happen to your sign-truck.
After arriving with plenty of time to spare, we scoped out some carnival type rides there for the movie goers enjoyment. We decided to all by some tickets and try the big slide.
Kelsee, Emma & Tyler went first. The man in charge of the slide told me and Austin to watch, "the big guy" because he was going to get a lot of air on the last bump.
Sure enough Tyler a.k.a "the big guy" did get air at the bottom.
Come on Kels.....you can make it.
Even after he was given a fair warning by our friend the slide operator, Austin, in the ultimate show of manhood tried his darnedest to beat Tyler......
.....and he did. But was it worth it?
Answer: NO
Notice: it looks as if Austin is standing. He's not. That is how much air he got off the last bump. He couldn't do anything about it either because his feet were in the pocket thing.

Sometimes winning is tough too.....just ask the tail bone. We're pretty sure he cracked it, and if not that at least did some serious bruising.

Super graceful landings right?
The girls....
I have been told that I sort of lose control of myself in situations like this. Austin tells me I start giggling and clapping uncontrollably.....it all goes back to Disneyland.....I think I could live there.
After a second we realized holding hands might not be a great idea....Mostly because Austin had already hurt his tail bone. I cant believe he went down with me after the incident.

Austin trying desperately to slow himself down.
Settling in for the movie.....Austin with a very sore rear end. He just kept drinking Mt. Dews, maybe to dull the pain.
Thanks Emmy! What a fun idea.

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