"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Date Night at Wahooz.....August 7, 2010

Austin and I decided we wanted to do something fun last Saturday. We decided to do something we hadn't done in a long time.......miniature golfing.
Red ball-Shawnee......Yellow ball-Austin
They had bumper boats......need I say more?
We played some skee ball in honor of my grandpa Tanner. He is pretty much the all time grand champion skee baller.
Just for the record Austin and I tied our miniature golf game. I was going to add our score card, but something is totally wrong with our scanner.....and that might be over-kill just a little bit.
(I did take a couple of cheaters, but really who's counting? Plus remember the "beehive serve" from young womens? I figured they were just like that.)

We also got our pictures taken in a photo booth. It was super awesome. I haven't even seen a photo booth in years.

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