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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Thursday, August 5, 2010

July 24th Weekend at Bear Lake

For the weekend of the 24th we headed to the Jenkins cabin at Bear Lake. The boys did a lot in the yard and it all looks so great. They moved a ton of rock! Check out the new fire pit.
Most of the kids put the new slides to good use
Owen getting ready
Griff....you can even see his smile
Reagan looking a little bit nervous
Kaycee's turn
Griff successfully tried it without the pad.....
All the girls minus Kennidee
Hannah, Olivia, Reagan, Kaycee, Addison, Brianne, Kate
Reagan, Brianne, and Kate killing time until the adults were ready for the beach
Grandpa and Kennidee throwing the frisbee
Austin playing with the grandkids......
Do not worry, we are working on the bad farmer tan
As we were leaving on Sunday we saw 3 turkeys on the side of the rode. As I was watching the turkeys I spotted a fawn standing in the shade underneath the pine trees. I made Austin turn around and we saw that there were two fawns and a doe hanging out in the shade.
The pair of fawns under the tree
Mama deer and a turkey friend
The weekend seemed to go by so fast......but we had a ton of fun.
Thanks Scott and Becky!


Matt and Jess said...

Holy Cow!! You guys have been so busy! I read all your posts, but forgive me for only posting on this one. Can I say that I LOVE your niece Hallie's chubby little cheeks, they are the cutest! Poor Austin, hope his rear gets better, the tail bone injuries are no fun. Awesome picture of him in mid-flight though!

Kelli said...

Shawnee-you are a blogging machine. I need you too help me catch up with all my posts. I love your new title picture it is so cute. All the other pictures are great, they match the stories I've heard. Lots of fun summer activities!!

Scott and Becky said...

Great pictures of the HUGE WORK WEEKEND! Thanks for all your help.