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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

It wouldn't be Christmas morning at the Green house if we didn't have to sit on the stairs, drink our juice and pose for a picture. This year my dad got a little creative and added cinnamon to our orange juice.....it was a little different to say the least.
All the boys got a new movie.
Both the kids got new bibs. This one of Hallie's was particularly funny. Whit said even when she is dressed in all pink people will still say what a cute boy she is.

All the girls got a cute new scarf.
Deacon was loving the balls he got from grandma and grandpa.

Hallie's reaction to her new baby was so adorable! She'll definitely make a good big sister this June.

Hallie's cute new pink camo coat.
Steve gave Austin these new handlebars for his mountain bike for graduation/Christmas. Austin was super excited.

Dad has gotten really into fishing so we decided to get him a nice new tackle box. He was excited I think. Somehow my mom's recipe book is gone.....and she was keeping all her recipes in a big ziplock bag. Whit and Jordie had the idea to get a recipe book and put all her recipes in it. So when they were down for Thanksgiving we had Emma smuggle the recipes into her bag and then copied all the recipes and put them in her new book. She was really excited too.
Here it is. All the girls love this picture of my parents dancing at Whit and Aaron's wedding reception. So we framed it.
Dad told us he and mom could re-create the picture any time....it was super cute. I love the fact that my parents are still so in love.

So Austin surprised me with a present on Christmas.....we had opened our presents before. But he went and got me a snuggie. Mostly it's funny because I totally made fun of them every time I saw a commercial. I didn't know what I would do with it, but I am embarrassed to say I have used it a couple of times since we've been in Idaho....and it is surprisingly convenient.
All the boys sporting their new socks.
Austin and I showing off our new socks. Mine had fun little pom poms at the top.
Whit and Aaron may have been sick of me doing Hallie's hair....but I love doing it.

Playing with new toys.

Hallie was still loving her new baby.
Hallie was just starting to walk and take steps.
Austin spent a lot of time doing this....

Me & Hallie

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