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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my sweet mom's birthday. I don't know a lady on this planet who is more giving and selfless. Throughout my life I have watched her serve our little family, extended family, and any one else she comes in contact with. I know they don't come better than my mom.

P.S. - The above picture was taken in Disneyland. Every once in a while my dad will become obsessed with certain movies. For a while it was the Lord of the Rings then it was Pirates of the Caribbean (I think he saw it in the theater 5 times or something like that). Anyways, so we had to take a picture of my dad's two favorite people (at the time) Mom and Captain Jack Sparrow.
In Disneyland 2006. Dad sent all the girls for UEA weekend. (My hair looks so cute because I was the only one apparently who got wet on Splash Mountain.....typical.)
It was definitely awesome to grow up singing (mostly learning from...) with my mom and sisters. She has such an amazing voice. We used to sing and harmonize around the house, especially on Sunday afternoons after church while helping get Sunday dinner ready. Someone would just start singing or humming and before you knew it everybody was tuning in trying out new harmonies and stuff. I miss it!
(Mom, Me & Whit singing at Steve & Jordie's wedding breakfast.)
This picture was taken during spring break in 2007 . I remember my mom calling me at work on a Tuesday and asking if I would like to leave the next day with her and Emma and head up to Montana. My parents had decided they would be moving there, but had to decide between a couple houses/areas. My mom was taking Emma up to check out the schools in both areas. It was a fun trip and I had a great time with Emma and my mom.
She is such an amazing example to all of us and we love her so much. She is such an amazing friend to me. I call her all the time and I'm sure drive her crazy (especially when I'm trying to bake something and have to call her three or four different times in a 30 minute period).

This picture was taken Thanksgiving weekend 2008....pretty much right after Jordie delivered Deacon and right before Whit had Hallie.
Plus now we get to see her as a grandma.....she is an awesome grandma as well.
Happy Birthday Mom. You're the best, love you!


Chelsie said...

oh my goodness so many new posts! happy birthday to your cute mom, i love her and she is beyond amazing! miss you miss shawnee

Steve and Jordan said...

Oh those are cute pictures! That is really cute!