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Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

$5.00 Gift Exchange Game

Austin and Hallie playing after dinner.
Last year mom, dad, kelsee, emma, and tyler (who was just the boyfriend at the time) came down after Christmas for New Years. Since we didn't spend Christmas together we decided to play the $5.00 gift exchange game. It turned out really fun so we decided to play it again this year on Christmas Eve.

Mom starting the game off.
Austin opened up this machete. Kelsee and Tyler found it at Walmart. I want to know why the heck you can easily buy a machete at your local Walmart for $5.00. Super safe don't you think?
One of my mom and dad's gifts was this hilarious pair of shorts with jingle bells on them. They were one of the first presents opened and definitely got passed around. They quickly were nicknamed the jingle ball shorts and the joke started being that whoever had them had to put them on. Austin and I ended up with them in the end.

Steve and Austin having a little to much fun.

I cant remember who brought the flask......but all the boys were fighting over it.

Tyler opened up these Tansformers gloves and beanie......they were a little small, but the beanie lights up.

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