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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Discovery Gateway Childrens Museum

From August 2009 to December 2009 I worked at the Discovery Gateway Childrens Museum.

It was so much fun. I had a lot of fun visitors as well. Grandma and Grandpa Tanner bought some family passes and came down to visit several times. This day she brought down some of the Tanner kids while Mari took Megan down to BYU. It was fun, they played at the museum and then Grandma took us all to lunch.

Left to right (Shaw, Maddie, Jake, Me)
Grandma Tanner also took this picture another day they came down. They brought Sheralin, Rowan, and Austin (little cousin) down with them. You can see Austin sitting in the bottom right hand corner working on his puppet we made that day.
(Me & Grandpa)
They rode the train down to Salt Lake, so I was able to ride home with them.

During my last week working there Jordie and Deacon came down to have lunch with me and play at the museum for a little bit. The pictures are kind of bad because I took them with my phone.

For the Halloween Spooktacular event we made haunted gingerbread houses. This was the sample I made.
Both these costumes were pretty cool. I had to take them to show Austin. The iron man costume was all super lit up and everything.....it looked just like the one in the show.
This costume was made from scratch....everything except from the helmet.
This was my classroom.....the Curiosity Shop.

Austin could never come visit me at work without stopping to play or try something out. Without fail he always found something new he didn't know was there.
My desk before I was ready to leave.....and trying to get everything organized.
My desk after I had cleaned out the drawers and boxed all my stuff.

It was such a fun place to work and I worked with such great people. The staff there is awesome. I really learned so much and had a really great experience there.

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